Custom Designed, Mechanically Attached Ventilated Backdrop Rainscreen Cladding System

Gridworx is the revolutionary mechanical stone cladding system. Our patented custom wall cladding technique is more cost effective than full bed masonry construction. With efficiencies in material, freight and labor, Gridworx stone panels make building with cut-stone affordable.

Gridworx is the only stone cladding system on the market that offers non-sequential installation of stone panels. This provides for the ease of replacement of discolored or damaged stones. The independent steps of hanging the anchors from setting the stone allows installation to begin even before the stone panels arrive at the job site.

Gridworx is pre-engineered for use with steel stud, concrete, CMU block and wood frame construction. All of our commercial projects are accompanied with a Letter of Compliance and a sample System Suitability Review signed and stamped by Architectural Wall Systems, an independent Professional Engineering firm registered in all of North America.

Building Design Professionals now have a cost competitive alternative to today's current selection of building products. No longer must architects and developers grapple with lesser construction material options. Once again, America can enjoy the beauty of building with stone. Making Gridworx a true a revolution in custom wall cladding. Click here for our Brochure.

Over the last fifteen years Gridworx has provided over six million feet of product covering hundreds of projects. We are represented by a network of dealers throughout the United States and Canada. Our projects range from hospitals and universities to office buildings and shopping centers. We work with architectural and engineering firms, masonry contractors, and commercial general contractors. Gridworx is a universal interface between the building structure and hundreds of cladding materials.


System Details, Videos and Literature

System Details

We have hundreds of pre-engineered typical design details, available for downloading from our web page under the “System Details” tab above.
Begin by selecting one of our 4 system types, then select from an array of Gridworx specific details. These may be downloaded in PDF or DWG format.
Our in-house architectural staff is available for consultation or to assist in the creation of project specific design details. No other stone cladding system is as user friendly as Gridworx.   

Stone Cladding Material

We have contracts with quarries across the globe, allowing us to provide an extensive selection of high-quality, exotic stone and Ultra Compact Surface, at fantastic prices.
In our continued search for the most extraordinary materials in the world, we periodically discover and introduce new types of stone – some of which are exclusive to GRIDWORX. Select the perfect choice for your commercial or residential building project. Our natural stone has proven to be a cost effective building product because of its durability and low maintenance requirements. Combined with the Gridworx attachment system, our cladding material offers an exceptional opportunity to maximize value in the building envelope

Installation Videos

Our comprehensive video library provides step-by-step tips and common installation techniques.

Helpful Literature

  • New Installation Guides
  • Tool List
  • Cut tolerance Schedule
  • SDS Info
  • Panel Modification Information
  • Specification Info
  • Product Catalog
  • Technical Data


If you are interested in scheduling a CES Session with GRIDWORX, please call or visit 214 774 4502

The Evolution of Mechanical Stone Cladding Systems 
AIA Course number 404108148

This course material is presented in a fast-paced, informative and entertaining documentary movie fashion.  Trace the evolution of stone cladding. Explore the different methods of this type of construction. Learn about the general economics surrounding stone cladding. Get a first-hand look at the development guidelines for evaluating different stone cladding systems.
Learning Objective 1
Fluid images Developmental History
This course begins by tracing the development of stone cladding systems from the Imperial Roman Empire through present day. It offers a general understanding of the developmental progress of thin stone construction. Distinctions are made emphasizing the benefits provided by the development of higher quality special use materials combined with contemporary engineering applications.
Learning Objective 2
alt text here Types and Methods
Upon completion the viewer should have a general understanding of thin stone cladding methods. This covers basic terms and techniques as well as systems distinctions and advantages/disadvantages.
Learning Objective 3
alt text here Economics
Building with thin stone is efficient and therefore cost effective. Generally the breakdown in most projects is materials = 1/3 while labor = 2/3 of project cost. Efficiencies in the labor component become more meaningful than cost reductions in materials. The viewer will learn the effective project cost efficiencies delivered with thin stone cladding.
Learning Objective 4
alt text here
How to Evaluate Mechanical Stone Cladding Systems 
With hundreds of proprietary cladding systems in the market, what should one look for? The viewer will participate in a comprehensive review of integrated construction material packages and installation methods. This will include an emphasis on the importance of design and engineering services and manufacturer’s product support.

If you are interested in scheduling a CES Session with GRIDWORX, please call 214 774 4502 or click here


Finally, Gridworx has developed strategic alliances with cladding material manufacturers as well as with domestic stone quarries throughout the United States and around the world. These relationships give Gridworx the ability to deliver a variety of different wall cladding materials. As a result Gridworx offers natural stones including granites, limestones, sandstones, travertines and other stone products cut to fit with the Gridworx system. Gridworx is also available for Arriscraft Renaissance units, glazed tiles, UCS and UHPC products. No other stone cladding system delivers the complete cladding envelope.

ac-2012-logoPlease download our typical AutoCAD DWG Gridworx connection details to incorporate into your project. Our experienced full-service architectural team is available to assist with project specific design details, sizing cladding panels to comply with project specific ASCE data, product coordination and answering any questions you may have. Our primary goal is for your project to be a success.
We respect your privacy and ensure that all of your information is kept discrete and is used for GRIDWORX internal purposes only.

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