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Gordon Parks Hall


Wall of Honor

The granite memorial consists of a large mural with images of our nation’s military laser etched into the stone.

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Custom designed wall cladding systems.

Gridworx is the revolutionary mechanical stone cladding system. Our patent pending custom wall cladding technique is more cost effective than full bed masonry construction. With efficiencies in material, freight and labor, Gridworx stone panels make building with cut-stone affordable.

Gridworx is the only stone cladding system on the market that offers non-sequential installation of stone panels. This provides for the ease of replacement of discolored or broken stones. The parsing of hanging the anchors from setting the stone allows installation to begin even before the stone panels arrive at the job site.

Gridworx is pre-engineered for use with steel stud, concrete, CMU bock and wood frame construction. All of our commercial projects are accompanied with a Letter of Compliance  and a sample System Suitability Review signed and stamped by Architectural Wall Systems, a Professional Engineering firm registered in most of the United States.

Consumers now have a cost competitive alternative to today’s current selection of building products. No longer must architects and developers grapple with lesser construction material options. Once again, America can enjoy the beauty of building with stone.Making Gridworx a true a revolution in custom wall cladding.


tech drawings
Technical details and drawing files are provided for download in PDF or DWG format on the following page after you register your name and email address below. These files were developed in collaboration with Architectural Wall Systems, Inc. and are copyrighted by Precision Wall Systems, Inc.   read more…


(Energy Standard for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings) is a US standard that provides minimum requirements for energy efficient designs for buildings. These include the building envelope’s thermal and air permeance performance.  read more..

Our Stone

perfect choice for your residential or commercial building project. Our natural stone has proven to be a cost effective building product because of its durability and low maintenance requirements. It cannot be duplicated or surpassed by synthetic stone imitations, but is a product formed by time that will only get better with age. Read More…