• Architectural Firm: CWS Architects
  • Location: Bangor, ME
  • Building Type: Commercial
  • Stone Used: Not Provided by GRIDWORX
  • System Details:

Bangor Savings Bank:

The new building includes 80 geothermal wells, and 1,400 solar panels on top of the parking garage.

President and CEO Robert Montgomery-Rice says this was an important step for the company to keep it in Bangor and look toward the future. That included a large glass tower and a glass elevator, along with the steel structure needed to reinforce the building, which included a three-floor high fieldstone wall that divided the building in half.

“It was a pleasant surprise to pull down the sheetrock and see the field stone,” Latulippe said. ‘We wanted to preserve it, but it’s made of small stones and we had to figure out how to support them so we could cut archways through the wall to use both sides of the building.” The answer was steel supports.

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