• Architectural Firm: DLR Group Architects - Colorado Springs
  • Location: Hanford, CA
  • Building Type: Government
  • Stone Used:
  • System Details:

Kings County Courthouse:

The 144,000 SF courthouse is organized around four courtrooms per floor, with judges' chambers and other services strategically located to provide private access to courtrooms. 

DLR Group's design situates the building in a connected relationship with surrounding facilities while taking advantage of views to the mountains, and creates a clear pathway to the entry encouraging public procession into the building. The entry lobby serves the building in a central location at the atrium, while the monumental stair rises through all four stories allowing light to come into the middle of the building and all courtrooms. This four-story space provides a referential interior space, but links the users to the outside with views through the building and landscape beyond.

Honor Award - American Institute of Architects (AIA) Orlando

Citation Award - American Institute of Architects (AIA) San Fernando Valley

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