R. Howard Dobbs University Center:

The Emory Student Center, opening in May 2019, will be Emory’s most energy-efficient building to date, incorporating sustainability features that Ben Perlman, Director of Student Operations and Events, calls “nothing short of revolutionary.” The building’s Energy Use Intensity (EUI), which expresses energy use per square foot of space, is projected to be 59, compared to an average of 120 for similar student centers. The Center is striving for a Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification by the end of construction.

Recurring themes of ‘community building,’ ‘collaborative space,’ and ‘out of the box thinking’ informed the arrangement of pavilions and multi-story spaces, which are made permeable through the cultivation of circulation and areas between program elements including intimate, study spots and a large public piazza. A broad, generous canopy unifies the individual pavilions and provides a memorable nexus for student, staff and faculty engagement, collaboration and community building. The project addresses growing demands for student-oriented space; a desire for larger, more flexible and efficient dining, technology and infrastructure; and more room for student organizations, socializing and gathering.

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