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Installer Tools List

This is a basic list that most professional installers would have.
Installing GRIDWORX often requires a variety of tools so work can be done quickly and safely.

In the sections below, we explain each of these tools and share why they are important for installers:
Screw Gun Screw Gun - A low speed, high torque driver is a necessity. Too high a drill speed will burn out the ‘self-drilling’ screw tips and waste a ton of screws. We recommend the Hilti ST 1800-A22.
You can also use a Dewalt DCF622 (20vMax/XR) but we have found, the Hilti will last longer.
hexhead drive bits ⅜” hexhead drive bits.    All of our fasteners use a ⅜” drive for your convenience.
Hammer drill (SDS driver preferred). Used for concrete anchors. 7/32” is the size for our #14 Conflex concrete anchors.
¼” Impact driver (use only for concrete anchors. DO NOT OVERDRIVE)
Chop saw with a metal blade for cutting aluminum.
Wet saw Wet saw. Either hand held or with a table. Depends on the size of the job and the size of the stone to be cut
4” grinder 4” grinder ( use cutoff wheels for aluminum rails. A stone disc for smoothing cuts. A stone blade for modifying kerf in stone)
Dual line laser level Dual line laser level (To accurately set anchors and mullions) A water level can also be used
Measuring tape Measuring tape( a 16’,   wide blade tape and a 50’  steel tape for checking course height)
Levels Levels (4’,   2’   and a torpedo)
Pencils / Markers
Small clamps. Needle-nose vise clamps 4” or 6”.
Several pairs.  These are used to hold horizontal members to vertical ones while installing the screws to attach
drill Drill bits to create a hole in the Aluminum Channels ( Maybe a ¼” for pilot holes when they don’t align mounting holes on woodstuds or Concrete/CMU.)
Paint Brush Small Paint Brush (To clean out kerf on stone and clean off track for stone prior to setting on track)
Chisel Painter’s Tool or Masons Chisel with the end blunted. ( 1” - 2” Wide) Used to ‘set’ the L brackets.
Rubber Mallet Rubber Mallet (White preferably so as not to mar the stone face) Or a rubber ‘dead blow’ hammer
Chalk Line Chalk Line
Caulk gun Caulk gun
  • Regular gun for 10.5 oz. tubes, a larger one for 20 oz. ‘sausage’ tubes and a large 28oz. gun for our Gridlock. Dependant on the job requirements)
  • When using Gridlock for our Ultra or Planx system applications you will need two ‘misting’ bottles; one for water (necessary to help cure the Gridlock) and one for isopropyl alcohol, to help clean up after the gridlock.
String line String line and line blocks for aligning the face of vertical mullions (If applicable)
Square Carpenter or Framing Square
Utility Knife Box Cutter / Utility Knife
Safety Glasses, Hard Hat, Safety Vest, Set of ear plugs.