Stone cladding is an integral part of the GRIDWORX system. Although we do not require Gridworx stone be sold as part of your project, we strongly recommend it.

Here’s why:

Gridworx has relationships with stone quarries around the world. Examples of many of the stones we offer are presented by selecting a TAB above.

Stone Specialists

Our stone specialists work directly with quarries maintaining a stone sample inventory for distribution to architects and project managers. They register current pricing information as well as ASTM Testing results demonstrating the structural integrity of the stone. With this information they perform preliminary engineering calculations incorporating panel sizes, seismic loads and wind loads (lateral loads). They can now advise the architectural department and project architect allowable vertical heights based on required stone thicknesses. This aids the project architect in designing a project that will pass engineering requirements.

Architectural Group

Our in house architectural group creates stone panel cut tickets which they forward to the quarry. Their close communication with the stone specialists group coupled with a familiarity of the Gridworx cladding system requirements ensures a well designed system all the way from the substrate to the face of the cladding. They follow up with regular communication with the quarry thereby ensuring a hassle-free delivery to the job site.

Upon delivery, Gridworx will send a production representative to the job site to perform a quality control review of the stone and perform installation training.
The Gridworx stone product becomes bundled with the Gridworx cladding system and is presented as an engineered package. The advantage of dealing with a single source supplier may very well translate into a critical component streamlining the successful completion of the project.

In our continued search for the most extraordinary materials in the world, we periodically discover and introduce new types of cladding materials – some of which are exclusive to GRIDWORX. So, select the perfect choice for your residential or commercial building project by selecting a TAB above. Our natural stone has proven to be a cost-effective building product because of its durability and low maintenance requirements.
If you have questions pertaining to any of our cladding materials or standard panel sizes, please contact our stone experts here. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best stone in the world

Gridworx has cutting agreements with stone quarries around the world. We offer a variety of stones and glazed panels made to fit with the Gridworx system.