• Architectural Firm: Fentress Architects - Los Angeles
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV
  • Building Type: Government
  • Stone Used: Not Provided by GRIDWORX
  • System Details:

North Las Vegas City Hall:

The North Las Vegas City Hall and Civic Plaza was recently named 2012 Project of the Year by the American Public Works Association (APWA). Designed by Fentress Architects, the project was completed $17 million under budget in 2011 and as a result of a downtown revitalization effort, North Las Vegas’ new City Hall successfully consolidates the city’s departments into a one-stop-shop offering convenience, efficiency and ease of navigation for both city staff and residents. The City Hall is on track to achieve LEED Gold certification. Specific energy and money-saving strategies include maximized water efficiency and the extensive use of daylighting, which enhance sustainability while supporting a healthier work environment. Responding to the area’s hot and arid climate, the building utilizes ultra high-efficiency glazing, visually transparent shade cloth, and daylighting controls throughout. Photovoltaic arrays on the rooftop take advantage of the intense sun to generate alternative energy. Controlled supply and dual flush fixtures improve water efficiency in a region where water conservation is vital. The design also utilizes recycled and local materials. As an urban renewal project, the site is an example of responsible infill and downtown revitalization.

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