Mechanical Stone Hanging System

Gridworx allows you to build with stone economically – just: “Set, Swing and Snap.”

Gridworx now sets the standard for wall cladding systems by incorporating the natural beauty of stone with its unique and proprietary installation method.

The Total Gridworx Solution

Contemporary construction techniques and materials make the patented Gridworx mechanical stone hanging system the best stone installation system in the world. Precision Wall Systems, Inc. possesses the manufacturing and distribution rights for the Gridworx mechanical stone hanging system. Gridworx channels are extruded from structural aluminum (6005 alloy). They are anodized with a Type II coating meeting the standards of AAMA 611-98. The channels are pre-punched for weep holes and screw slots and packaged for distribution at our Dallas, TX headquarters.

The Gridworx curtain wall construction system features our patented Gridworx channels, installation components, stone panels, engineering, shop drawings, stone cut tickets and the Gridworx warranty covering the entire wall cladding system. We are aware of the potential for system breakdowns that might occur as a result of using inexact assumptions or inappropriate components. It is for this reason we deliver a complete package, ready for installation.

Gridworx is a two part hanging system. It is the only system in the market that provides for the non sequential setting of stone. Because of this feature, broken or discolored panels are easily removed and replaced with Gridworx. Each stone is supported independently making Gridworx a perfect system for earthquake or hurricane prone areas. In the rare occasion that a panel should be damaged it can be easily replaced without disrupting or replacing the rest of the wall.

Imagine the savings of time, resources, and money with Gridworx.

Our components include the appropriate fasteners for attaching the Gridworx channels to the substrate. We are aware of the issues of galvanic corrosion, Hydrogen embrittlement and HASCC. Our fasteners are special use, high quality fasteners designed for our purposes. Gridworx specified silicone has been tested for leeching and adhesion. No other cladding system provides this complete of a wall cladding package.

Gridworx is an engineered stone cladding system. All projects are reviewed by a premier curtain wall Professional Engineering firm. They examine the project plans and specifications as well as the ASTM test results for the stone.

They also perform calculations for wind load, dead load, pull-out and shear strength of the fasteners and provide seismic review calculations. Their project specific Letter of Compliance culminates in their opinion the cladding system as designed conforms to the International Building Code (IBC) as well as local area building codes. This letter is project specific, signed and sealed by a registered PE in the project State. No other cladding system provides “peace of mind” with this level of engineering.


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Gridworx History

Precision Wall Systems, Inc. was founded in 2003 by its President, Stephen Loyd. Mr. Loyd is a 1969 graduate of Texas Tech University. He served as President and CEO of Stephen N. Loyd, Certified Public Accountants until 1983. He later founded Commander Financial Corporation a mortgage banking firm with offices throughout Texas. He served as President and CEO until 2001.

After touring France and Italy, Mr. Loyd recognized architects no longer built with natural stone as it had become too expensive. He perceived improved construction techniques could once again restore the beauty of this natural product to the public arena. Working with a team of engineers, architects and builders he created the Gridworx mechanical stone hanging system.

Precision Wall Systems, Inc. (PWS) was created to receive the license for manufacturing and distribution of the Gridworx product. Since its inception Precision Wall Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to the highest quality product possible. With this philosophy of quality coupled with customer service, the Gridworx system administered by Precision Wall Systems is setting a new standard for alternative construction techniques.

Chase Loyd graduated from North Texas University in 1999. Chase joined Precision Wall Systems as an installer of the Gridworx system in 2006. After gaining experience working with outside installation teams he took over the installation division of Gridworx. He then assumed the oversight functions of all installation and production aspects of Gridworx. In 2010 Chase was promoted to Vice President of Production of PWS.

Chase now travels extensively training installers and architects on the Gridworx stone hanging system. He has made multiple presentations in conjunction with the International Masonry Institute training members of the International Brotherhood of Masons. He also conducts onsite project installation training seminars.

“The Will County Courthouse is a complicated 10 story building with an exterior envelope comprised of an open joint stone rainscreen using the Gridworx stone anchoring system and glass curtain wall.  Gridworx played a very critical role during design and construction to ensure the success of the project.  Together we examined each difficult condition, and there were many, and the Gridworx team always figured out how to make the details work.  Over the three years of construction Gridworx worked closely with the mason and us (the architects) to address unforeseen conditions.  They were exceedingly reliable and devoted to see the project all the way through regardless of the challenge.  We are all very proud of this building and how it turned out.  It is stunning and we owe a good portion of the success of the exterior to Gridworx’s eagerness to be creative and solve very difficult problems.   The Will County Courthouse has recently been completed and is everything we had hoped it would be.  It’s really a fantastic building that lives up to all of our expectations. Thank you Gridworx”

Justin Illg

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gridworx reviews
“Dallas-based Precision Wall Systems, the manufacturer of the Gridworx stone cladding system, has chosen Indiana Limestone Co. to provide its superb signature limestone for their Gridworx stone-hanging system."


gridworx reviews
“On behalf of A.L.L. Masonry, I would like to thank you for the outstanding support on the Will County Justice Center project. It was a pleasure to work with the Gridworx team from the design phase, all the way through completion.This project had many complex aspects, some of which have not previously been incorporated into a stone project. Such as the extruded aluminum banding that Gridworx designed into their system. Every elevation of the building has details (knife corners, stone soffits) that would be troubling for most, but It was truly a seamless process with Gridworx engineering and drafting team. Thank you so much for the hard work and I am looking forward to working together on the next project." Kind regards, Blake Peter, Project Manager/Estimator A.L.L. Masonry Construction Company, Inc.

Blake Peter

gridworx reviews
“Today’s wall cladding manufacturers provide mechanical mounting systems that are far superior to the 'Clips and Dovetail' anchors of yesteryear."


Google Testimonial
gridworx reviews

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Precision Wall Systems occupies a state-of-the-art facility. Sales, research, consulting and production for the United States and Canada are executed from our Headquarters while dealers located throughout North America provide international sales and project support.

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