Can plasticizers in silicone sealants bleed into the stone?

Is the joint width limited to 1/4" wide? Can it be larger, say 1", or smaller?

Typically, open joints are no larger than 1 inch. If you have architectural drawings we can have one of our drafters take a look t them.

What the smallest space between stone interior surface and mounting surface?

  • For direct anchor attachment to a substrate (steel, concrete, wood framing, etc) with our saw kerf anchor system, the “standard” depth for 30mm cladding is 2 1/2″.
    There are other variables that can be considered to tighten the wall cavity, but if you can get away with 2 1/2″ I would lean that direction.As for radial walls, there are multiple factors involved when anchoring stone cladding on a radius.

    • Radius size
    • Panel size
    • Running Bond or Stacked Bond pattern

    I would consider any radius tighter than 90’ as “atypical”, as in our engineer would have to confirm that the increased pull on the anchor fasteners is acceptable. Our anchors are extruded with 6005 aluminum, which includes a little copper in the alloy. This allows the anchors to flex around bends while retaining its shape and strength. Please feel free to give me a call to discuss some of these issues in greater detail.

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