Gridworx Systems Details

Gridworx Systems are divided into four mounting configurations. Each uniquely suited for its cladding material and yet they share many common components and can be combined to cover varied and novel architectural design aspects.

Gridworx is a ventilated, back drop rainscreen cladding system. Our systems can be utilized in either open or closed joint fashion.
  • A Open Joint rainscreen safely moderates pressure differences by allowing outside air to enter the pressure equalization chamber (PEC), just behind the cladding when the outside pressure is greater than the inside pressure. This air will increase the chamber pressure until its pressure and the outdoor pressures are equal.
  • A Sealed Joint concept is a very straightforward strategy of rain control, it simply attempts to form a perfect, impermeable envelope around the building structure that will stop all water penetration. This system solely relies on the outer face seal as the only defense against water and moisture penetration.
Common components that comprise each system can include:
  • Top Course J Anchor (12ft in Length). Used with top course panels- beneath windows and other architectural features.
  • Intermediate T Anchor (12ft in Length). Used in the central field course.
  • Starter J Course Anchor (12ft) in length. Used around the base perimeter- tops of windows and doors.
  • Positive Engagement L Bracket variable by joint size.
  • Self Adhesive Foam Tape & Silicone Sealant.
  • Thermally Broken Adjustable Discrete Girt Support & Adjustable Mullion.
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Kerfed Dimensioned Stone

Natural Stone

Patented Gridworx systems designed to provide continuous support via kerfs cut into the top and bottom edge of the cladding panel. Anchors designed to fit into slots or kerfs cut in the stone’s top, bottom, or sides, or a combination of these.
This system pairs perfectly with any stone from our collection, cut to architectural specification and delivered to your jobsite.

Continuous support panel dead-load
6005 aluminum alloy T5 temper
75% recycled aluminum

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Mechanical Kerf

Mechanical Kerf


Patented Gridworx systems designed to interlock with the back face of the cladding panel via undercut anchors. This interlocking connection between the anchor and the stone provides superior load carrying capacity.

Undercut Anchor
Self-shimming Back Plate
Precise Alignment
Soffits and Underhangs

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Ultra-Compact Surface

GridPlanx® Ultra-Compact Surface (UCS) systems designed to provide continuous support via 3mm kerfs cut into the top and bottom edge of the cladding panel clipped to a substrate using standard GRIDWORX channel system making it an easy and efficient means of installation.
For this system we have created a saddle clip “Mechanical Kerf” attachment.
We offer the the GridPlanx product in dimensions of 12” to 28” high and approximately 50” horizontal. We are excited about this product and as you can see it delivers a strong horizontal presentation, typically in stack bond. Kind of like terra cotta, but available in 40 colors.

Ultra Compact Surface
12mm thick
Typical Coursing 12" - 28" high

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Large Format UCS

Large Format Ultra-Compact Surface (UCS) system is designed to provide panel support via dead-load anchor support counter-sunk bolted to each panel and fastened to the substrate using all new GRIDWORX ultra channel system.
his system is a “Floating Mount System” with adjustable pitch bolts, allowing adjustment of the large panels after mounting.
This is system is gravity set with the dead load at the top and wind load controlled at the bottom.
Continuous silicone in the top and bottom mechanical kerf prevent water from accumulating in the kerf for freeze thaw safety

Ultra Compact Surface
6’ by 12’ & > ½” thick.
Leveling Set Screws

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We want you to use our CAD files and see just how our system WORKS. These “Gridworx resources” are for architects, designers, builders and construction professionals. The files provided here were developed in collaboration with Architectural Wall Systems, Inc. and are copyrighted by Precision Wall Systems, Inc.
  1. Kerf
    • Open Joint
    • Sealed Joint
  2. Mechanical Kerf
  3. GridPlanx
  4. Ultra