Kerfed Dimension Stone

The patented Gridworx saw kerf system anchors cladding via a continuous kerf located at the top and bottom edge of the cladding panel. This groundbreaking system was the first mechanical attached cladding system to allow for the rotational installation of stone panels. The first to allow for the non-sequential installation of stone, and the first to allow for the removal of damaged or discolored stone without impacting adjacent panels. The patented 2-part system, which fused the traditional and J anchor with the versatility of a rotational L-bracket, represented the most significant advancement in stone cladding installation in over half a century.

All of our anchoring systems are designed to be mounted to the building substrate via our standard Thermally Broken Components providing space in the wall for insulation and adjustability.

This system pairs perfectly with any stone from our collection, cut to architectural specification and delivered to your jobsite.

 Continuous support panel dead-load
   6005A aluminum alloy T61 temper
 75% minimum recycled content
Panel thickness range: 1″ – 4″

Kerfed Dimension Stone Installation

Kerfed Dimension Stone Installation

    The original patented Gridworx system, designed to provide continuous panel support via saw kerfs cut into the top and bottom edge of the cladding. The L-bracket engagement method allows for non-sequential panel installation and the removal of damaged or discolored panels.

GRIDWORX Advantage

GRIDWORX is a ventilated, back drop rainscreen cladding system. It is a comprehensive system unlike none other.Gridworx consists of our patented contemporarily designed aluminum channels, choices of hundreds of natural stone and man made cladding materials, in-house architectural support, independent third party engineering and state of the art sales support.

• Thermally broken Ventilated Backdrop Rainscreen System ( VRS )
• Non combustible construction
• Adjustable for subwall misalignment
• Cladding joints not tied to stud locations – design freedom
• Easy construction, cost effective
• Suitable for weather barrier (as required by ASHRAE Standard)
• Suits all structures; steel stud, block, concrete
• Extremely versatile grid can support large format panels 3200mm. x 1440mm.
• Traditional installation practices, no training needed
• Made in America

GRIDWORX is committed to providing contemporary construction techniques combined with current modern day materials that make the Gridworx system the best stone installation method in the world.

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    “The Will County Courthouse is a complicated 10 story building with an exterior envelope comprised of an open joint stone rainscreen using the Gridworx stone anchoring system and glass curtain wall.  Gridworx played a very critical role during design and construction to ensure the success of the project.  Together we examined each difficult condition, and there were many, and the Gridworx team always figured out how to make the details work.  Over the three years of construction Gridworx worked closely with the mason and us (the architects) to address unforeseen conditions.  They were exceedingly reliable and devoted to see the project all the way through regardless of the challenge.  We are all very proud of this building and how it turned out.  It is stunning and we owe a good portion of the success of the exterior to Gridworx’s eagerness to be creative and solve very difficult problems.   The Will County Courthouse has recently been completed and is everything we had hoped it would be.  It’s really a fantastic building that lives up to all of our expectations. Thank you Gridworx”

    Justin Illg

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    “Dallas-based Precision Wall Systems, the manufacturer of the Gridworx stone cladding system, has chosen Indiana Limestone Co. to provide its superb signature limestone for their Gridworx stone-hanging system."


    gridworx reviews
    “On behalf of A.L.L. Masonry, I would like to thank you for the outstanding support on the Will County Justice Center project. It was a pleasure to work with the Gridworx team from the design phase, all the way through completion.This project had many complex aspects, some of which have not previously been incorporated into a stone project. Such as the extruded aluminum banding that Gridworx designed into their system. Every elevation of the building has details (knife corners, stone soffits) that would be troubling for most, but It was truly a seamless process with Gridworx engineering and drafting team. Thank you so much for the hard work and I am looking forward to working together on the next project." Kind regards, Blake Peter, Project Manager/Estimator A.L.L. Masonry Construction Company, Inc.

    Blake Peter

    gridworx reviews
    “Today’s wall cladding manufacturers provide mechanical mounting systems that are far superior to the 'Clips and Dovetail' anchors of yesteryear."


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