• Architectural Firm: Cannon Design - Houston
  • Location: Evansville, IN
  • Building Type: Education
  • Stone Used: Not Provided by GRIDWORX
  • System Details:

University of Southern Indiana:

The University of Southern Indiana’s Screaming Eagles Arena was completed in spring 2019. It is unlike any other facility in the Tri-state region and serves as home to all USI's nationally-recognized Screaming Eagles athletic programs, including Men's and Women's Basketball and Volleyball, which will be played in the facility.

USI’s Screaming Eagles Arena is part of a multi-dimensional and phased effort. Beyond the basketball arena, USI will also expand and renovate its existing Physical Activities Center to create a new building entry, kinesiology lab, extensive multi-use space, hall of fame area, training rooms and more. They will also create a new natatorium that will allow USI to launch its first NCAA men’s and women’s swim teams. The project has been covered extensively to date, with special focus on how the design team leveraged VR to create the best outcome possible for USI.

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